Chloe Elizabeth Smith

I have since secure more than a few aid professional jobs since our test, just under five weeks ago!

I have two commercials coming up this next month, in Leicestershire, one for a jewellers, couples and engagement ring advert, then another for a new car wash app.

I also have a job in surrey coming up, where I have secured the lead role in a sizzle reel for a new musical.

These are all jobs I have managed to secure through casting websites such as Starnow and Mandy – I have been applying non stop, doing lots of self tapes and applications!

One of these casting sites has also helped me connect with a top producer in London, about my singing and music that I have been writing, and lately have produced some demos (I have a soundcloud now -

I had to audition by sending my vocals and my chosen beat (a production track) to the producer. He has had a huge amount of applicants but he said because I’m so eager and ready to go and that he is loving what I’m producing, he is mixing and mastering my demo as we speak. I hope to work further with this producer to create music in the style of Billie Eilish, Pink, Dua Lipa, Anne Marie, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Jorgia Smith.

I want to say thank you, because I’m so impressed with all my agencies that I have been approached by, since the test shoot (pretty much as soon as it was done!) I had a meeting with one of my agencies Icons Talent who were interested in hearing and seeing, if I could and wanted to work with a producer that worked for/with them. In the end they must have decided to have gone with someone else, which is kind of a relief because I’m already working on my own style and sound with the producer I am in contact with in London.

I also auditioned with a scripted, self tape for a film that is shooting next year, and whilst I didn’t secure the leading role, I have been told that the producers have a role in mind for me, which is more suitable for my age, look and style, which is very exciting indeed.

I also got through to the final round of a new tv quiz show (the first series has already aired, and the host is a famous well known British actor/comedian), and am yet to hear back on whether I will be going through to the next round, which is going to the studio to take part in the show. This is also exciting, and I found the zoom call, test quiz rounds, with one of the casting researchers, a lot of fun.

I look forward to be able to show you what the commercials turn out like and will then hopefully be able to start creating a professional actors showreel.

It has been so worthwhile investing in my portfolio and being under your guidance, it has proved to be very valuable.

Studio: Studio Bookers Birmingham
Agency: Extreme Talent, Fusion Management, Dynamite Models, Buzz Talen, Davida Wilkins Casting Agency Ltd